enesis Holistic Health Centre offers non-toxic natural therapies which bring health and healing to people diagnosed with cancer. These therapies are part of integrative-oncology strategies and address the physical, mental, and emotional roots of cancer. The role of the integrative-oncology strategies is to create a healthy environment both inside and outside the body. On this page are listed the fundamental cancer treatments that are available at Genesis Holistic Health Centre.

Naturopathic doctors believe that there is an underlying cause to the cancer environment in the body that allowed a tumor to develop. Your doctor will explore these causes with you, which may include; immune system problem, toxicity of chemicals in the system, lack of certain nutrients, and stresses on the body, whether psychological or physical.

Furthermore, naturopathy utilizes a holistic approach to healing, addressing the whole person: body, mind, and spirit. The core of naturopathic medicine is to treat each person as an individual and to consider their whole being. We do not treat one bodily system as a separate entity from the rest of the person. It is equally important to care for the mind, the body, and the spirit in the appropriate manner for each unique patient.

Light and sound therapies

The interaction of matter and energy lies at the very foundation of our physical existence. We trigger biochemical reactions with sound and light wavelengths to kill cancer cells and activate the body’s immune system.

Immuno therapies

Despite all the genetic and epigenetic pressures, we don’t get cancer most of our lives because of our immune systems. Cancer is, in essence, a failure of the immune system to regulate abnormal cellular growth. A variety of strategies restore immuno-competence and reverse the cancer disease process.

Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy

This therapy uses non-toxic sensitizers that selectively concentrate in cancer cells, and can be activated using predetermined sound (Sono-Dynamic Therapy) and light (Photo-Dynamic Therapy) frequencies.

Near Infrared Lamp Therapy

Focused Near Infra-red Lamps use light wavelengths to aid in detoxification, deep tissue healing, and pain/inflammation relief. These wavelengths penetrate tissues without emitting dangerous electromagnetic radiation. Near Infra-red wavelengths have been indicated to destabilize cancer cells.

Photodynamic Infrared Spectroscopy

A state-of-the-art screening and treatment procedure that offers an opportunity for cancer patients to prevent tumor metastasis, Photodynamic Infrared Spectroscopy (PDIS) combines light therapy and infrared technology to detect and subsequently target circulating tumor cells.

Sunivera Immunotherapy

This therapy combines one of the world’s most powerful immunotherapy agents, GcMAF, with synergistic therapies and nutraceuticals that work together to modulate the innate and adaptive immune systems.


Known for its anti-inflammatory and immunomodulating effects, HELIXOR is a multi-beneficial therapy used to kill cancer cells and improve overall quality of life for patients at Genesis Holistic Health Centre.

Vitamin C IV Therapy

Vitamin C IV Therapy should not be confused with taking Vitamin C pills orally. This therapy follows the concepts of orthomolecular medicine, which involves delivering high doses of nutrients to elicit therapeutic benefit. Vitamin C will act as a pro-oxidant and when absorbed inside cancer cells it produces hydrogen peroxide that can cause oxidative damage and cancer cell death.


Bioimmunotherapy is a method of boosting the immune system’s natural cancer-fighting abilities by using a tumor’s own antigens against them. These antigens are used to trigger an immune response to their original source: the cancer cells. Since the antigens are extracted from the patient, the antigen-antibody response is expected to be highly specific to the patient’s tumor.

Oxygen therapies

Cancer and pathogenic states are characterized by hypoxia, i.e. a lack of oxygen at the cellular level. This can drive cells to unfavorably alter their metabolic processes (Warburg effect). Oxygen therapy works to restore and even improve metabolism.

Thermal energy therapies

Cancer is a “cold disease”. It turns down the body’s thermostat, as cooler temperatures metabolically favor cancer cells. Artificial “fevers” can destabilize cancer cells, forming the basis of thermal energy-based therapies.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

HBOT consists of delivering oxygen at high pressure into the body, and supports other therapies that depend on oxygenation at the tissue level. Many areas of tissue damage or cancerous growth are characterized by a low supply of oxygen and HBOT can make inroads to resupply these areas. The increased oxygen also enhances the ability of white blood cells to kill bacteria, reduces swelling and allows new blood vessels to grow more rapidly in the affected areas.

Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy seeks to reverse hypoxic conditions in the body, supporting healthy body environments that disfavor tumor growth. Rectal or vaginal insufflation can be used as the primary method for delivering ozone to the blood stream. Cold plasma ozone therapy is also used to deliver high concentrations of ozone directly to the skin area above a tumor.

Full Body Hyperthermia

Full Body Hyperthermia systemically targets abnormal cells and pathogens by raising the temperature of the entire body. Patients enter an insulated chamber that uses radio frequencies to generate heat. Full Body Hyperthermia is painless and in combination with Local INDIBA Hyperthermia, this method effectively creates sustained hyperthermic conditions proven to destroy cancer cells.

INDIBA Local Hyperthermia

Local INDIBA Hyperthermia is a treatment that applies heat at temperatures between 104º-113ºF to a tumor. This therapy exploits the difference in electrostatic potential between the inside and outside of tumor cells compared to healthy cells. Sustained elevated temperatures deprive cancer cells of their ability to absorb substances needed for survival, resulting in cell death, tumor shrinkage, and destabilization of blood vessels feeding the tumor. The surrounding healthy tissues remains unharmed.

Near Infrared Sauna Therapy

Unlike high temperature dry and steam heat saunas, our near infra-red light sauna stimulates the sweating process without discomfort or feelings of suffocation. Near infrared light creates a “fever” reaction in the body that has many benefits including destabilization of cancer cells through a “hyperthermia” effect, excretion of chemical toxins, reduction in pathogenic load, stimulation of immune system and many others.

Body works therapies

Exercise helps speed up recovery, reduces side effects, improves prognosis, and reduces the chances of recurrence. We help our patients develop a personalized plan of exercise to handle physical stress, focusing on low-impact, high-return options.

Magnetic or electrical fields therapies

Maintaining proper electrical potential differences are essential to maintain cellular homeostasis that affects permeability of cell membranes, cellular communication and energy levels. Key differences between electrical potentials of cancerous vs. healthy cells can be exploited with targeted magnetic and electrical field therapies.

Vibrational Therapy

We all know that exercise is beneficial for health – in fact, it is among the most important recommendations for the treatment of most chronic diseases. Most of us are prone to avoid exercise, or not do it with the intensity and variety to impact all our muscle groups. Vibrational therapy involves standing on a vibrating plate that gets the muscles working, without the effort of exercise.

Vibroacoustic Therapy

Operating on the concept that sound can have healing properties, a specialized chair equipped with speakers and transducers is used to generate sound-induced vibrations. Sound can travel through the human body very efficiently, potentially impacting every cell in the body. These vibrations are tied with music that help with stress reduction, relaxation and meditation while the patient is undergoing the therapy.

Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) uses electrical and magnetic fields to address a variety of health issues. PEMF alleviates the pain, inflammation, and circulation issues associated with many of these conditions, allowing it to influence the outcome of cancer therapy protocol, both directly and indirectly.

Nutritional therapies

Nutritional imbalances contribute to the development and growth of chronic diseases like cancer. Our nutritional program educates patients on the do’s and don’ts of effective whole food-based cancer nutrition while addressing specific nutrient deficiencies. We also deliver high doses of specialized nutrients intravenously to achieve desirable biological responses.

Detoxification therapies

Toxins are everywhere – in our food, water, air, and immediate environment. Toxic buildup inevitably occurs over time, altering the body’s ability to repair itself. In turn, this affects quality of life and contributes to the onset of chronic diseases including cancer. Detoxification is a method to re-purify the body back to a pristine and functional state, enhancing recovery from disease.

Full Spectrum Nutrition Therapy

Integral to healing from cancer, nutrition plays a crucial role in recovery from the disease. Cancer cells hijack the body by parasitically siphoning off nutrients intended for healthy cells and re-routing them to fuel tumor growth. Full Spectrum Nutrition is a therapeutic measure that is designed to provide patients a pathway to progressively improve their nutritional status.

Nutritional IVs

Most cancer patients, especially at advanced stages, find themselves highly nutritionally deficient. Additionally, most cancer patients have gut problems, which compromise their ability to digest and absorb food properly. In these situations, we provide our patients with nutritional IV therapies. These therapies are customized to the particular needs of the patient in consultation with their doctor.

Herbal Therapy

Medicinal herbs have been the mainstay of most ancient forms of medicine including Chinese Oriental Medicine and Ayurveda. Treating the body with herbs is as close to “natural” as medicinal treatments can get. Based on your prognosis, our physicians may recommend herbal supplements for a variety of indications. These herbs are prescribed along with other supplements, and form an important part of our treatment protocol to enhance health and wellbeing.

Vitamin B-17 IV Therapy

Vitamin B-17 is a naturally-occurring molecule with unique anticancer properties. In cancer cells, the enzyme beta-glucosidase acts on B-17 and converts it into a toxic molecule that kills cancer cells. Because of the enzymatic differences between cancerous and healthy cells, B-17 can selectively target and destroy cancer cells, making it an effective non-toxic anticancer agent.

Biological Dentistry

Most of us know that dental hygiene is an important part of maintaining a healthy body. However, not everyone realizes the impact standard dental procedures can have on the incidence of chronic diseases, including cancer. Plaque buildup over time increases toxins which leak into the body and cause infection/cancer. Biological dentistry considers provides holistic solutions for potential dental problems.

Coffee Enema

Colon cleansing is a time-honored health practice that has been used for over 4,000 years to restore the large intestine to its natural size, shape, and functioning. A healthy colon is especially important during cancer treatment, as it rids the body of toxins and dead tissue formed by tumors. Coffee enemas also play an important role in liver detoxification.


Juicing is a well-known technique of delivering nutrients to the body in a form that helps maximize absorption. This is especially useful in the case of cancer and other chronic diseases, where a compromised gut is a frequent accompanying condition. Juicing can be combined with fasting which can give the digestive system a much needed chance to rest without nutrient loss. During this period, nutrients are provided to the body through different juices, water, and herbal teas.

Near Infrared Sauna Therapy

Unlike high temperature dry and steam heat saunas, our near infra-red light sauna stimulates the sweating process without discomfort or feelings of suffocation. Near infrared light creates a “fever” reaction in the body that has many benefits including destabilization of cancer cells through a “hyperthermia” effect, excretion of chemical toxins, reduction in pathogenic load, stimulation of immune system and many others.
Natural Remedies  

We offer natural therapies for:

  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Neurological Challenges
  • Liver Diseases
  • Kidney – UTI Diseases
  • Musculoskeletal Diseases
  • Anti-Aging – Longevity
  • Blood Diseases
  • Brain Diseases
  • Vision Disorders
  • Men’s Health Problems
  • Women’s Health Problems
  • Skin Diseases
  • Respiratory Diseases